Better Trucking
is Here

Great technology doesn't replace our skills, it replaces our stress. So we're creating tools that let you do what you love without the parts you hate.


Why are we building SmartHop?

We're on a mission to making trucking fun, free of stress, and filled with bigger paydays.

The Idea

SmartHop was founded by truckers who know the joy and pain of life on the road, and just like you, we grew tired of seeing our problems grow with no solutions in sight. So, we got to work. And after a few years of blood, sweat, tears, and a ton of miles, we created SmartHop so that everyone can truck smarter.

The Team

Co-founded by Guillermo, a former owner of a highly successful small carrier, and Joaquin and Miguel, two experts in business software, SmartHop has built the perfect combination of truckers and techies with real-world experience and know-how.

The Plan

Gone are the days of haggling with brokers and dispatch. We're cutting out the fat so you can get right to the meat—good paying loads and simple processes! With the latest technology at your side and a country full of load options at your fingertips, you'll be on the path to bigger paydays, free of stress in no time!

Who's behind SmartHop?

The Perfect Combination of Truckers & Techies

We've also got a great group of Engineers, Data Scientists, Industry Experts, Operations and Financial Analysts, Designers and Customer Success Experts that make this all a success, they just don't like taking pictures.