Truck Smarter Not Harder

Book better loads, plan smarter routes, and grow your business.



"We love SmartHop, it serves up loads on a silver platter, so now we just have to drive!"


Pick the Loads that'll take you further, faster

We're gearing truckers up with the tools, tips, and technology that will take the stress out of doing business so you can make more driving your way.

SmartHop is the ultimate toolkit, helping truckers and small fleet carriers make better and faster decisions for their loads.

Our three-step process will have you on the road to a bigger payday and better drives in no time.

01. Gather Information

Enter when & where you'll be empty.

02. Strategize

Our Smart Computer analyzes all the available loads, your route preferences, and suggests the best load for your situation.

03. Book the Load

You pick which load you want and bam! You're on the road.


SmartHop uses technology built by truckers to
put you back in the driver's seat.

All the Best Rates

With access to the best brokers and load sources in the country, you'll always be getting top-of-the-line rates.

Customized Load Suggestions

Only take the trips you like! Tell us when you'll be where, your HOS, and we'll send you loads that fit your schedule and preferences.

Performance Tracker

We'll be tracking your trips and habits to show you where you could earning more or how you could make life just a bit easier.

Travel Strategies

Our supercomputers look at your habits and the trends of the market to create strategies for you to get the biggest bang for your truck.

Digital Booking

No more back-and-forth negotiations over lengthy phone calls, you can cut out the b.s. by booking your loads with us.

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