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SmartHop is a fast-growing start-up that is passionate about positively influencing the trucking industry.
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SmartHop is a fast-growing start-up that is passionate about positively influencing the trucking industry. Join our team and make a difference!


As the Broker Onboarding Specialist at SmartHop, you are responsible for managing the onboarding process for our Brokers including managing and distributing the set up packages, conducting broker credit checks and managing broker concerns. You will be the first and most important impression our Brokers receive of SmartHop so customer service and relationship management are key skills for this role.



As the Director of Engineer SmartHop, you will have the opportunity to lead the platform architecture, product releases and software development for the company. With the goal of scaling the business, operational teams, and digital interactions with customers. You will play a vital role in all aspects of the company’s success, from creating the best possible platform through best-in-class field engineering practices, creating highest standards for operations, hiring and managing talented software / product teams, steering the business through data and analytics, motivating the operational team, while leveraging creative problem solving on every occasion. The role is centered on continual improvement and high quality. It requires a highly versatile and well-rounded leader, someone who can create and deliver several products but also roll up their sleeves and get their hands dirty. It’s the intersection of leadership, analytics, creativity, and problem solving that makes the SmartHop Director of Engineering an exciting and challenging job.



The Product Manager will work with a team of designers, engineers, and developers responsible for creating reliable, scalable, and high-performance AI and machine learning applications and products for SmartHop and its clients. This position will be the product management owner for defining strategy and product vision. The Product Manager will lead a product team to develop new features, scope and prioritize customer requirements, and develop successful products that enhance our customers experience. This role will define, execute, and deliver a product roadmap that incorporates enterprise data management best practices and AI and machine learning to address logistics and management challenges. This is a cross-functional role that will work closely with technical experts and business executives to deliver robust technical solutions.